The Plan of book reading

The plan of book reading

Book List

P = Planned
I = InProgress
S = Stalled, Has begun to read, but not reading for now
F = Finished

The book with click is being reading for now

The following book is for recall of basis math:

  • I: Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • P: Introduction to Probability
  • I: Books for calculus recall (Has many books, most are Chinese books)

The following book is for Game Development:

  • P: Real Time Rendering, Fourth Edition
  • S: Fundammentals of computer graphics, Fourth Edition
  • I: Game Engine Architecture
  • P: Physically based rendering

The following book is for ML:

  • P: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning

The following book is for CS basis:

  • S: CSAPP
  • S: CLRS
  • S: Compilers principles techniques and tools

The following book is for SE:

  • P: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, 2nd Edition
  • P: GoF

The following book, emmm, I just read as pastime

  • F: Advanced Programming with UNIX Environment


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